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  • Passports always scan both sides
  • Unsupported devices will result in DigidentityIDKError.DeviceNotSupported
  • Added DigidentityIDKError DeviceNotSupported and FlowClosed
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Handle biometric selfie 2FA
  • Remove selfie review screen
  • Show list of supported countries per document
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Add service details screen
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Evidence photos contain back side of identity documents


  • Block unsupported devices from using IDK
  • Selfie flow ui improvements
  • Use new error codes for in-screen string errors
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Added theme configuration defaults
  • New design for smart card lists
  • New design for landing screen based on wallet concept
  • New ability to scan a passport's Personal Number QR code
  • Updated all Firebase dependencies to latest versions
  • Updated IDK public API removing functions not intended for external usage
  • Deprecated TOTPs and moved them to a separate screen
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Added support for invitation QR codes/deep links


  • Introduce new error dialogs
  • Enrich the Services lists with images
  • Customise "Forgot my PIN" link behaviour via new feature flag
  • Add Account Deletion and Deactivation
  • Update instructions for Liveness Detection
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Support target SDK version 33
  • Configure ability to login/create account via new feature flag
  • Configure ability to upload evidence via new feature flag
  • Changed API of IDK.handleNotification to notify success or failure of the flow
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Updated instructions for Liveness Detection


  • Ask notification permission during smart card creation for android 13 and up
  • Handle 404 after external (2FA) login expired
  • Handle 404 after passwordless login expired
  • Plus more bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed icon color regression


  • Hide sensitive content from clipboard on Android 13 and above
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Set minimum supported version to Android 9
  • Added Firebase App Check to verify client integrity
  • Added "Forgot my PIN" buttons to login request, sign request, and 2FA login request
  • Improved checks by and relating to IDK.configure
  • Improved cancelation of smart card creation
  • Updated Dutch translations to be more formal ("u" instead of "je")
  • Plus more bug fixes and improvements


  • Small text improvements


  • Added feature flags to the client secret
  • Added 'lost access' links to several screens, in case user lost access to a 2nd factor
  • Added a scroll indicator on evidence intro screens, to make them easier to navigate and clearer that there’s more content
  • Volume buttons now trigger camera capture for ID document or selfie
  • Removed our dependency on Koin
  • Implemented support for targetSdkVersion 31
  • Prefixed the names of our resources, to help avoid resource collisions
  • Improper theme configuration will now cause DigidentityIDK.configure to throw an exception
  • Plus more bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed: Shows the right required services when logging in


  • Improved: Fewer steps when you’re logging in somewhere that requires a service you haven’t registered yet
  • Improved: Reading the NFC chip in your identity document
  • Improved: Text in dialogs when uploading more than one letter
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • "Check required services" screen in the passwordless login flow shows only featured products in the "available" section


  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Updated smart card labels and icons
  • Introduced liveness detection attempt duration of 5 seconds
  • Introduced video recording of every liveness detection attempt
  • Camera usage on emulators is not allowed anymore
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Updated default theme file
  • Removed unused feature flags
  • Liveness detection process is improved
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Firebase dynamic links support
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Removed service scope API
  • Bug fixes and improvements


  • Changed PLS login flow
  • Exposed PLS request ID in the HandleUriResult.PasswordlessLoginFlow class
  • Updated to Kotlin 1.6.10
  • Improvements in the public API for the clients that use Java
  • Bug fixes and other improvements


  • Removed level_of_assurance from sharable attributes
  • Updated some styles for new brand
  • Improved smart card sorting
  • Bug fixes


  • Set minimum supported version to Android 8
  • Initial rebranding update
  • Error classes renaming
  • Bug fixes


  • Enforce PIN code rules
  • No profile refresh and relogin when session expires
  • Block user from taking selfies if max attempt limit is reached
  • Show selfie tips after N failed liveness attempts
  • Processing a second deeplink in context of a first deeplink triggers a callback related to a first deeplink


  • Removed support for utility bills and payslips
  • Removed support for geolocation
  • Changed UriNotRecognizedException to contain a String and not a Uri
  • Improved TOTP dialogs
  • Bugfixes on camera preview


  • Added new attributes to login request with shared attributes
  • Removed support for unclaimed sign requests
  • Camera button improvements
  • Bug fixes on profile screen


  • Follow user navigation for crash reports
  • Update Gradle, Java, Kotlin to latest versions
  • Bug fixes and small improvements


  • Handle new push notification for expiring smart cards
  • Replace Jcenter repository
  • Bug fixes and small improvements


  • Bug fixes and small improvements


  • Perform smart card renewal after authentication


  • Show dark mode logo in dark mode
  • Synchronise smart cards status
  • Update smart card design
  • Sync smart cards when the app is resumed
  • Bug fixes


  • Set minimum supported version to Android 7
  • Support new smart card statuses
  • Removed Kotlin Android Extensions


  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes and minor updates
  • Removed web view for login


  • Bug fixes
  • Added price information to the services list


  • Bug fix for smart card login request on the same device
  • Handle smart card errors when selected as 2FA


  • Added backend issues dialog to anonymous context, login request and existing account login
  • Fixed a bug where not all shared attributes are being shown on passwordless login
  • Fixed a bug where the dialog should close on cancel in the login code screen
  • Fixed a bug where the user sees an empty profile screen after creating a smartcard with no connection